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OOC: HMD/Comments and Crit
I has a Chrissie yayz
Comments? Questions? Fiery balls of hatred for my playing? Put them all here, though the last one may result in torrents of rather sad and pathetic crying and screaming.
EDIT: Now with anon commenting allowed and ISP logging disabled /stops failing

AIM: daishutian
email: daishutian@aim.com

Second Record [Text/Audio/Open Commentlog]
Damn these letter things are hard
[The post starts with what appears to be a quick note.]

Isabella, tell me what you think.

[Then there's a recording of someone playing the violin. Clearly, this is all he's been doing for an entire month.

Anyone who happens to be snooping around the dance hall of the Bower will find Raoul practicing other pieces.

First Record [Text]
Dude it's cold up here I dun liek it :c
[It's pretty hard to fool yourself into thinking what you're experiencing is just a dream, especially after a week. It's been two, now, and as nice as the reassurance that "We're working on it" is, it's not at all comforting when the reality is 'Everything you know doesn't exist anymore.'

After sitting and rereading the introductory note again, Raoul decides to try this record keeping thing.

It has been two weeks since I arrived. How long is this going to take?

[...and then writer's block apparently hit for a few minutes. Then:]

I miss Christine.

[And that was all he wrote. Readers can enjoy the original French post Raoul wrote or the transcript in whatever their preferred language is. What do you mean this isn't a personal journal for his eyes only?]

Recycling and reusing. Cap'n Planet would be proud.
All previous entries are from the game M.S. Elegante and are being saved for solidarity and justice.

All who are not in Holloway's Keep may either unfriend or stalk at their leisure.

App for Holloway Keep
Team girly hair and jumping into holes f
Cut for great justiceCollapse )

haterz gonna hate, I'VE SEEN THE GLORY OF THE LORD
Okay, Dai has been scarce for the past couple of weeks, and has dropped tags since last week. Well, the school term is over, and she no longer has 4 project classes to deal with. Breaking out of third person, I'll be picking up the tags I've dropped now :|b

OOC: Being late is fashionable, right?
I'll get to the incomplete ones later. Maybe.Collapse )
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Failing at guard duty brb
[This is Raoul. See Raoul run. Run, Raoul run.

He's not going to get far from his pursuer, since the entity Raoul is running from is his shadow. Okay, he's not really running from his shadow, but he is trying to get somewhere his noisy shadow won't be overheard as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there's a lot of places his shadow can be overheard while he gets to the aforementioned place.

--never be able to keep them apart. She keeps going back to him because she wants to, because she wants him, and she will keep going back because you can't give her the music she loves. You can't protect her from him either. You could do nothing against him, he always has the upper hand. You can't keep her, but you can't leave her either. You'll be stuck with her because you need her but you'll never have her--

[The worst of it is that it's all in English so most people would be able to understand it.]

[Audio/French+English] Backdated to Christine's arrival
Don't kick the puppy
[The first attempt is in French.]

Would someone please explain--

[Miraculously, despite the state he's in, Raoul remembers that most of the ship does not speak French and English would be a better choice.]

Would someone please explain this ship to-- to a new arrival?

((Though it'll be Raoul's ID number, the responses will all come from a little Swedish girl named Christine. Raoul has buggered off...))

4th Wall Day
Huh that's weird
I hope we will stay in our own shapes now.

((OOC: Posted from class, tagging will Probs come later))